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  • beckmanA63881 Agencourt AMPure XP Beads磁珠
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  • 地区:上海市
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  • beckmanA63881 Agencourt AMPure XP Beads磁珠 复申生物现货供应beckman A63880/A63881/A63882 PCR纯化系统 Agencourt AMPure XP - PCR Purification
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  • beckmanA63881 Agencourt AMPure XP Beads磁珠
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  • Agencourt AMPure XP - PCR Purification beckmanA63881 Agencourt AMPure XP Beads磁珠

    The Agencourt AMPure XP system is a highly efficient, easily automated PCR purification system that delivers superior quality DNA with no salt carryover. Requiring no centrifugation or filtration, Agencourt AMPure XP can be easily used in manual and automated 96- or 384-well formats.

  • Application: PCR purification

    Downstream Application Techniques: PCR, genotyping (SNP detection) fragment analysis, sequencing (Sanger and Next Generation), cloning, primer walking

    Agencourt AMPure XP Features

  • High recovery of amplicons, greater than 100 bp
  • Efficient removal of unincorporated dNTPs, primers, primer dimers, salts and other contaminants
  • Stable PCR products post-cleanup: No PCR degradation after storage at 4° C for seven days
  • Efficient recovery of double stranded and single stranded DNA templates
  • Consistent recovery throughout the kit’s 12 month shelf life
  • Faster manual and automated processing as compared to traditional post-PCR cleanup methods
  • Agencourt AMPure XP process figure

    Figure 1. The recovery of the PCR products post-PCR cleanup was measured by spectrophotometry; 200 bp, 800 bp and 10 Kb PCR products where purified with the Agencourt AMPure XP kit, QIAquick* kit and QuickStep* filtration system.

    Walk-away Automated Solution

    Agencourt AMPure XP post-PCR cleanup has been automated on three Beckman Coulter liquid handlers, the Biomek 3000, NXP and FXP for processing scalability. The LIMS compatible automation functionality is aided by a user-friendly interface equipped with a quick startup menu, a deck setup walk-through menu, a method recovery menu, and a procedure menu.

    Ordering Information

    Process Overview

    Agencourt AMPure XP process overview

    1. PCR reaction 2. Binding of PCR amplicons to magnetic beads 3. Separation of PCR amplicons bound to magnetic beads from contaminants 4. Washing of PCR amplicons with Ethanol 5. Elution of PCR amplicons from the magnetic particles 6. Transfer away from the beads into a new plate  

    High Recovery

    Agencourt AMPure XP purification system recovers amplicons greater than 100 bp with consistency and high reproducibility. The recovery efficiency of the Agencourt AMPure XP kit for small and large amplicon sizes is superior to the traditional filtration PCR cleanup methods (Figure 1).

  • ProductSizeKit Components

    Product #

    Agencourt AMPure XP 5 mL Kit139/278 preps1Agencourt AMPure XP Reagent


    Agencourt AMPure XP 60 mL Kit1,666/3,333 preps1Agencourt AMPure XP Reagent


    Agencourt AMPure XP 450 mL Kit12,500/25,000 preps1Agencourt AMPure XP Reagent





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